Drift Boat Rentals
Alaska Canoe Now Offers
Drift boat rentals.
We have 16 ft Aluminum
Drift boats, one is an
Alumaweld the other a Willy
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Take a moment to fill out the contact
information below, of call us at
either 2 or 3 fishing seats  
and of course the Rowing
They are on trailers so you
can do it all your self, or
We can shuttle for you .
Price for Drift boats.
$175.00 per day
$140.00 per day if you
take the boat 5 or more
days in a row.
We do not have Motors for
the drift boats.
They come with Anchor
system Rod holders, Oars,
life vests, and coast guard
safety equipment.
If you are interested in the
drift boats for this
upcoming season, please
call us
or email